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Volumabeauty, Home of Lash Lifts that lasts a true 6+ weeks

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Looking for a thoughtful gift for bride to be?

Extensions are a great gift to give or receive at
Baby showers, Bachelorette, or Engagement parties.

Best Bridal Natural Eyelash Extensions

If you're like most brides who want long, lush lashes that last, you may want to wear professional eyelash extensions for the big day. A trip to Volumabeauty Lash, Skin and Brow Artistry Salon will already do wonders for your look. What they do at the salon is that they carefully glue the lash extensions along your lash line--the extensions are attached one by one, so they look natural. And unlike regular stick-on false eyelashes, the lash extensions can stay on for as long as two weeks. Just resist the urge to rub your eyes!

Get your Lashes Picture-Perfect on your Big Day!

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